Seoul Do Soon Yi Kimchi is a superb kimchi specialist. It’s a tiny store, with a bunch of refrigerators filled with various types of kimchi. In large sizes. Be prepared to buy a lot of kimchi. Completely worth stopping by for their goods, says Lau.

Their regular kimchi is genuinely great. It’s not overly sweet, with good flavor and spiciness. It’s just solid kimchi, says Lau. Their kkakdugi (pickled daikon) is even better.

They also have shik hae, a sweet Korean rice drink that’s yellowish, with bits of rice floating around. It’s excellent: refreshing, with a very particularly correct texture of rice. “One of the better versions I’ve had in a long time,” says Lau.

Seoul Do Soon Yi Kimchi [Little Saigon]
9972 Garden Grove Boulevard, Garden Grove

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