It’s really too bad money doesn’t grow on trees. But you know what does? Fruit. Fruit grows on trees. How can I take things like fruit, which, remember, grows on trees, and use it to get money, which doesn’t? eHow member Knowball has some ideas, which he lists in the instant classic How to Make Money with Food. The way Knowball sees it, all you have to do is decide what you like doing with food.

If you like cooking and baking, Knowball advises, you’ll want to do something like open a restaurant or become a private chef. But what if you don’t like to cook or bake? “Next step is to determine if you want to make money with food because you like eating,” Knowball writes. “If you like eating, you can become a food critic and go around to local restaurants, taste the food and write reviews.”

Oh! Well, then! Maybe what you really like, suggests Knowball, is “getting creative with food.” If you enjoy this, “you should consider a career in food decorating and presentation. You can make money being creative with food by setting up fancy buffet tables, decorate wedding cakes or simply start a home business making themed birthday party cakes.” Look here, Knowball, I thought I already decided I didn’t like baking. Here you have me churning out birthday cakes.

And what should I do if I like more than one thing? What if I like baking, eating, AND getting creative with food? What would you have me do then, Knowball? Would I be opening up a birthday-cake bakery and then writing scathing critiques of my own failings?

It is worth noting that Knowball thinks that if you like to write about food, writing an “online recipe blog” is a great way to make money. Oh, and Knowball considers the process of extracting money from one’s love of food to be “moderately challenging.”

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