Mongolian hot pot, a style of cooking with a tabletop bubbling vat of broth in which diners cook their own food (like its Japanese cousin shabu-shabu), is pretty much a guaranteed good time. But the broth at the Q Restaurant (formerly Little Q of Quincy) is something else again. samovar32 says this place “blows away other Boston area shabu-shabu joints. Broths were full of multiple whole spices, garlic chunks, ginger, scallions—more like full-fledged soups than mere dipping broths.”

lipoff particularly recommends the vegetarian mala broth, “numbing and hot,” and even better with some cilantro thrown in. The herbal broth is lovely, too, with whole spices: “longitudinal slices of ginger root, whole garlic cloves, green onion, maybe some lemongrass, some other seed pods that, once boiled open, revealed seeds that had a fennel/anise-y taste that was quite nice in the bottom of the soup bowl,” says Bob Dobalina.

The meats and vegetables are of good quality. samovar32 particularly recommends the beef tendon: “melts in your mouth after a few minutes in the broth.”

The Q Restaurant [Chinatown]
660 Washington Street, Boston

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