Celery gets limp. But you don’t have to let it go to an early grave. Celery will last a good long time in the fridge if you wrap the entire bunch in foil, from tip to leaves, and keep it in your vegetable drawer. If it’s on its last legs, cut it up and freeze it. Thawed, it’ll be fine in soups, stews, or stock. And it’s a worthy addition to any long-stewed dish, say Chowhounds; it will add lots of nuance to the sauce. Or dice it, along with onion and carrots, and have a mirepoix—the mixture that’s the classic beginning of so many stews and soups—at the ready (this freezes well, too). fayehess takes this same mixture (2 onions, a bunch of celery, a pound of carrots, plus 2 uncut cloves of garlic) to make an Italian soffritto, by simmering it all over low heat in olive oil with a little salt and a sprig of Italian parsley and stirring occasionally, for about 40 minutes, until it has all collapsed and smells wonderful. Spoon it on seared fish, eat with osso bucco, or stir into lentils or cannellini beans.

Keeping cleaned, cut celery at the ready for snacks makes it easy for hounds to grab from the fridge. Storing cut pieces in a container with some cold water keeps them fresh and crisp, says lekkercraft. Sliced celery makes a crunchy addition to a green salad, or a nice little salad all on its own with a mustardy vinaigrette. mmuch recommends this mushroom and pecorino salad, which includes plenty of celery.

Cooked celery is a wonderful winter vegetable option. Simply chop and sauté it in butter. Or try braising it in a little chicken stock until it’s tender, and adding a nob of butter right at the end; add a dash of nutmeg and a sprinkle of chopped parsley. Or top it with grated Parmesan, dot with butter, and brown under the broiler. Another method is to cook celery in simmering water with a sprig of thyme, a clove of garlic, and a glug of good olive oil, then serve with more olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. Or add a clove of garlic and sprig of thyme to a cup of cream and reduce by a third, then pour over celery in a baking dish and bake at 350°F for 15 to 20 minutes.

Steamed celery is delicious dressed with lemon and dill, or brown butter and slivered almonds, or blue cheese and walnuts. A simple stir-fry of celery sliced 1/4 inch thick on the bias, cooked over high heat with snow peas, garlic, salt, and pepper, is surprisingly delicious, says moh.

quelle4 uses extra celery to make this curried celery soup with apple, which gets an endorsement from amela.

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