The benign empire of Mark Bittman expanded into virtual territory this week, when The Minimalist columnist launched his new blog, Bitten—I get it! I get it!—on the New York Times website. Presumably, he’ll be blogging about how to blog about everything.

Actually, the thing’s closer to a grilled-cheese food blog than you’d expect (except for the flashy recipe format with the embedded print icon, that is). An entry this week in the What I Ate Last Night Department … was an impromptu dish of Brussels sprouts, poblanos, and plantains. (We’re not making this up.) To his credit, he doesn’t overpitch the concept: “I’m huge on spontaneity, and this sure counts for that,” he writes, adding later, “I may never make it again, but I enjoyed it.” Sold! (Proving that it is now in fact impossible to please everyone, a reader complains, “i thought you were going to look at where things come from…as in local… plantains aren’t local in this country are they?”)

Bittman promises daily recipes from the Minimalist archives as well as new recipes, guest posters, and video clips from “my (and your) food-related travels.” Wait—my travels? Mark Bittman really is everywhere.

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