At Georgia Diner, the little things tell the story. Some single out the warm feta bread or house-made salad dressings at this peach-festooned Elmhurst landmark. For Eric Eto, an unmistakable sign of a caring, talented kitchen is the addictively good trio of salads that come with every entree–bean, beet, and (especially) a Platonic version of coleslaw that strikes a faultless balance of cabbage, carrot, and slightly sweetened mayo.

And you won’t end up pushing the rest of your meal around the plate, Eric promises–broiled halibut, Roumanian steak, chicken parmigiana, and stuffed chicken, among other entrees, are all quite good. Others praise roast turkey and steak and eggs. (One misfire: tasteless, overcooked spaghetti served with the chicken parm.) Two smart orders are hamburger and chicken souvlaki–though they aren’t full entrees, so they don’t come with the salads. Best deal on the menu is the weeknight special: soup, salad, entree, dessert, and coffee (plus that bottomless salad trio) for $17.

Leave room for one of the house-made desserts in the spinning case. Rice pudding is best of type–simple, straightforward, practically perfect.

“The best diner in Queens by far,” declares KellyBelly. “They treat you well, you get a ton of food for the money, and they make it fresh whether it is 3 p.m. or 3 a.m.”

Georgia Diner [Elmhurst]
86-55 Queens Blvd., between Broadway and 55th Ave.,
Elmhurst, Queens

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Georgia Diner, Elmhurst

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