When it comes to Peruvian food, many Angelenos know only Mario’s, which is fine but often overcrowded. For Peruvian food that’s just as good or better, with Chinese or Japanese flourishes, head on over to Gardena.

Kotosh at Kamiyama does all the standard Peruvian dishes, but the preparation and balance of flavors are far better than Mario’s, says bulavinaka. Sudado mixto (steamed seafood in tomato-onion sauce) and pescado a lo macho (deep-fried fish in spicy sauce) are plate-lickin’ good, and the salsa aji is beloved by all. There’s also a sushi bar.

El Rotoco’s focus is Peruvian-Chinese dishes—tallarins, chaufas, and saltados—but the execution is also superior and the menu varied. If you like seafood, go for the jalea or picante de mariscos (mixed seafood with potato and hard-cooked egg, made in a thick, rich, milky sauce).

Nino’s Place is a Peruvian joint that also does some Mexican food. It’s small, the folks are nice, and so far the food is promising, says velozo155: suprema de pollo, breaded (or grilled) chicken breast with flavorful rice that seems like it’d been simmered in broth; and arroz con pollo, chicken with herbaceous, spicy rice. Salsa aji comes on the side. Daily specials, about a dozen of them, run $6.50.

El Virrey does really good sudado de mariscos and picante de mariscos, and has friendly service.

Mario’s Peruvian [Hollywood]
5786 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Kotosh at Kamiyama [South Bay]
2408 Lomita Boulevard, Suite #C, Lomita

El Rocoto [South Bay]
1356 W. Artesia Boulevard, Gardena

Nino’s Place [South Bay]
16104 S. Vermont Avenue, Gardena

El Virrey [South Bay]
1353 W. Rosecrans Avenue, #5, Gardena

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