Changes are afoot at the Oinkster, where a happy hour menu just debuted with specials from 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays. Deals include:

• Burger-fries combo, $3.99
• Belgian fries, $1
Chili fries, $2
• Pound of Belgian fries (that’s a LOT of fries!), $5
• Pints of beer, $2 to $3
• Pitchers of beer, $7 to $10

As for non–happy hour Oinkster, Will Owen says the rotisserie chicken is his new favorite. Make sure to get one fresh off the rotisserie, and it’ll be succulent and luscious, with just aggressive enough seasoning and meltingly tender dark meat. Red slaw on the side is laced with fresh, nose-tingling mustard that’s balanced by some sweetness. And when the fries are on, they’re excellent.

Quarter chicken with fries, aioli, and slaw is $5.13 with tax. The Oinkster will soon start serving breakfast on weekends.

The Oinkster [East of Hollywood]
2005 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock

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