You heard it correctly—Kraft is working on a new product line that will not only taste great but also kill intestinal parasites. According to the New York Times, these foods are being developed in conjunction with TyraTech, a company that produces safe pesticides (but, unfortunately, has nothing to do with Tyra Banks). These parasite-avenging products will be sold in “rural Asia, Africa and Latin America, where worms leave millions of children lethargic, dangerously anemic and, sometimes, passing blood.”

They’re not intended for sale in the States, but after Oprah’s recent (and terrifying) episode on parasites, there might be a market for antiworm products here. (Readers, be warned: The posts related to this episode are totally gross.) Still, not everybody’s so sure these new Kraft foods will get past the early development phase:

Dr. Frank O. Richards Jr., a parasitologist at the Carter Center in Atlanta, said he found the idea of a worm-killing food ‘interesting but not convincing yet.’

He would want to see proof, he said, that it worked on roundworms, which are metabolically different from tapeworms and much more common. And he would want proof that it killed worms, rather than just irritating them enough to make them migrate to other organs.

Ewww. But before we get so grossed out that we can’t open up a box of mac ’n’ cheese without thinking about tapeworm research, let’s remember that Kraft is fighting the good fight here. And a lot of the crazy ideas from the Kraft Foods kitchen really do work out for the best. For example, has anyone else tried this lazy man’s ice cream cake recipe, which can be assembled in 10 minutes and is made from nothing but processed foods? Not healthy at all, but it’s surprisingly tasty—and perhaps appetizing enough to take your mind off those creepy parasites.

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