If you’ve been staring into a screen for too long at Times Square’s Cybercafé, you may find yourself rubbing your eyes at the vision of an elderly French lady whipping up crêpes. Don’t worry, you’re not seeing things. Madeleine the Crêpe Lady, as she’s known, makes authentic sweet and savory crêpes five days a week for hungry visitors absorbed in email, World of Warcraft, or maybe even Chowhound.com.

Cneely has fallen for the sweet ones, especially fruit varieties made this time of year with preserves; apricot and chestnut are especially nice. But they’re exquisite in summertime, when Madeleine brings in fresh, ripe fruit and slices it to order. “I had a fresh peach crepe there that was the best I had ever had,” Cneely recalls.

Other sweet choices include Nutella and, for minimalists, a sprinkling of powdered sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice. Savory fillings (no reports yet) include Brie, ham, and mushroom, all folded into buckwheat crêpes. Beyond crêpes, xigua advises, look for homemade cakes or pies, all delicious.

Madeleine Bernard is at Cybercafé from about 10 to 5 Wednesday through Sunday. “She is a sweet lady with a talent for crepes,” Cneely writes.

Cybercafé Times Square [Theater District]
250 W. 49th Street (between Broadway and Eighth Avenue), Manhattan

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