Saag paneer is great and all, but some people want more. Find it at Priya Indian Cuisine, an Indian spot that has a special Wednesday night chaat buffet as well as a Desi Chinese, a sort of Chinese/Indian fusion that’s popular in big Indian cities but not well known in most of America.

opinionatedchef, something of an expert in such matters, having learned the cuisine from native Desis, says, “I have learned to cook a large array of Indian dishes. I was really delighted and surprised with the excellence of the food at Priya. I had not one dish that I thought ‘ugh.'”

Everything’s vegetarian and the night opinionatedchef visited included over a dozen dishes, including sambar (lentils and vegetables), fried idli cakes with a sweet and sour sauce, curried white peas, carrot halwa, potato patties, and too many other items to list. “Can you imagine, a DINNER buffet w/ a large variety of delicious food for $12 per person?” asked opinionatedchef. Yes. Yes, we can.

Priya Indian Cuisine [Merrimack Valley]
1270 Westford Street, Lowell

Discuss: 5/19/10 Priya; Unusual and Delic.Southern (and other) Indian in Lowell outskirts; $12 dinner buffet!!!

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