Doublestranded, a recent transplant from NYC, is in search of a “decent” bagel sandwich, with “a real scrambled egg with cheese and bacon,” not the “prefab” eggs found at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Putting aside the question of who makes the best bagels in town, hound consensus revolved around a couple of spots. The first is Bagels by Us (which ironically imports its bagels from New York’s H&H). “Great bagels, great sandwich ingredients, great people. And, if you eat in, you can get a side of Tater Tots!” advises litchick. The other favorite is Bagel Rising, where the long lines of students attest to the popularity of sandwiches like the sunrise special, with a choice of bacon, sausage, or ham.

Bagels by Us [North of Boston]
791 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington

Bagel Rising [Allston]
1243 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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