There may be no other food in the world that inspires as much partisanship as pizza. From New York to California, regional styles of pie abound.

Now Adam Kuban of Slice, a blog dedicated to ’za under the Serious Eats umbrella, has helpfully created a Rosetta stone to help decipher the many kinds of pizzas found across our great land.

You’ve eaten slices of New York–style and deep dish, of course. But have you tried St. Louis–style (hallmark: unleavened pizza dough and three kinds of cheese)? New England Greek-style (enough oil in the crust “to saturate the pizza box”)?

Because no pizza is better than the pizza you grew up with, the post has inspired intense debate, quiet ruminations, and stirring nostalgia in the comments section. The emotion has even spilled over to Boing Boing.

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