Eat_Nopal loves Lola’s Market—a little treasure trove of a grocery, full of wonderful Mexican treats.

It has spectacular rotisserie chicken ($5.59). Not your typical, mediocre grocery store chicken, says Eat_Nopal—these are high-quality, succulent Rocky Jr. chickens. But the best part is the marinade: tons of garlic, thyme, Mexican oregano, paprika, and citrus. The marinade flavors suffuse the entire chicken. Given the intensity of the flavor and the quality of the skin, Eat_Nopal guesses that the chicken has been brined and marinated for at least a day. And it’s an absurdly low price for a Rocky Jr. chicken, too—some places charge more than that for a raw Rocky Jr. It’s as great as one of the better rotisserie chickens in Mexico.

The very crusty telera rolls (75 cents) are quite good, and perfect for making tortas. Try digging out a bit of the middle and filling it with some of that leftover rotisserie chicken. Delicias de Jalisco brand guava roll ($1.69) is excellent—it has a fairly intense guava taste and goes well with coffee.

Lola’s also carries good cheese. And pretty good bulk yogurt, too.

Lola’s Market [Sonoma County]
1680 Petaluma Hill Road, Santa Rosa

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