Golden River is great—surprisingly creative, well-executed Chinese food, says kleungsf. And it’s a good value, too.

The chef here was the opening chef for Mayflower restaurants in San Francisco and Union City. Every main course kleungsf had was exceptional—perfectly steamed whole fresh scallops with scallions and soy sauce, and wonderfully tender stir-fried pork cheeks. Salt-baked chicken is very nice and just the right level of salty.

Desserts are excellent. The default dessert is red bean soup; unlike at most other places, the one here is not overly diluted. There’s house-made black herb jelly. And a wondrous oddity: mochi mixed with bitter melon purée, filled with black sesame paste, deep-fried, and covered with shredded coconut. The bitter melon isn’t overwhelming—it just adds a bit of depth to the whole thing. It’s great.

Golden River [Richmond District]
5827 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

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