Fort Bragg—the town I grew up in—is also home to the North Coast Brewing Company. Though North Coast is known for its flagship beer, Red Seal Ale, I tried something completely different on my last trip there: a dessert beer. Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve, a limited-edition brew, is made by aging the brewery’s 2005 Old Stock Ale in either bourbon or brandy barrels. It’s definitely a sipping beer—a concept that had me rolling my eyes at first—but I loved its sweet, bubbly richness. I preferred the bourbon-barrel-aged version for its extra smokiness, but a side-by-side taste with the brandy-barrel-aged is the only way to judge for yourself. You can pick some up the next time you’re in Fort Bragg or order it from North Coast Brewing via telephone.

North Coast Brewing Company
455 N. Main Street, Fort Bragg, California

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