The typical dried apricot, as greygarious understands it, is halved and has its pit removed before drying. Slip-pit apricots are dried with their pits in; then the pits are removed. But once in a while, a lucky and resourceful Chowhound can find dried apricots that still have their pits in them. greygarious had some of those recently; “I found that the pit-ins were spectacular, imbued with a stronger oaky, amaretto flavor than the slip-pits,” says greygarious.

Vetter also loves the flavor of apricot pits. “I still have a whole bag of apricot pits in my freezer from last summer—I was going to make ice cream with them,” says Vetter. “I better get on that!”

Note: Apricot pits do contain some cyanide; eat at your own risk.

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