I know the world of whisks has broadened of late—I have friends who swear by their flat whisks—but I haven’t felt the need to expand my whisking horizons. I have two whisks, a big one and a little one. Up to now that has suited me fine, but I might have to rethink my whipping-implement choices. According to a feature on the relaunched Gourmet.com (have you checked it out yet?), there’s a world of whisks I’ve been missing out on.

My big whisk is a balloon whisk, but I could have chosen a French whisk—and now I kind of wish I had. The Gourmet.com slideshow doesn’t feature the teeny, tiny whisk I use several times a week to whip up a small batch of vinaigrette (seriously, I use this little thing all the time). Nope, it’s shown me the light: There is such thing as a vinaigrette whisk. (Really? What rock have I been living under?) I’ve never even seen such a contraption, which looks like those funny curly coil tools used to strain mixed drinks.

A vinaigrette whisk, who knew? My salad life may never be the same again. But I draw the line at the Danish bread dough whisk. I don’t want this whisk thing to get out of control.

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