PETA has posted its latest sexobsessed video, which normally wouldn’t be worth mentioning, except that this cartoon spoof of a presidential debate has more wit and less self-righteousness than usual.

All the candidates are foods—Dennis KuSpinach, Spread Thompson, Dijon McCain—and the first question is typical below-the-belt PETA: “Does meat make you impotent?” (Celery Clinton, speaking from experience, affirms that it does.) But it gets better, we swear: Fruity Giuliani keeps bringing up 7/11 and Broccoli Obama deplores the dividing of the country into “red fruits and blue fruits. I have gay friends who enjoy red fruits and Christian friends who like blue fruits.” The video’s produced by Free Range Studios, which made the anti–factory farming viral hit The Meatrix.

PETA’s blog explains that the idea for the video “came into existence a few months ago when a meeting about something else entirely degenerated into a contest to see who could come up with the funniest vegetable-themed name for a presidential candidate.” So that’s what PETA staff meetings are like. “OK, guys, what’s the funniest vegetable-themed name for—what should we do this time—let’s say, a comedian? No fair using Carrot Top!”

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