Alexis Greek Restaurant has changed its menu, playing up the Portuguese side—Alexis’s wife, Fatima, was an executive chef and pastry chef in Portugal, says Diana. The Greek dishes are still fab.

Many of the appetizers are Greek. The dips—feta dip, hummus, taramosalata, and melitzanosalata (baba ghanoush)—are particularly creamy and nice.

Caldo verde, Portuguese kale soup, is thick with potatoes and kale. Warm and filling, it would make a great meal with just some bread for dipping.

Lisbon-style calamari, baked in a crock with tomato, pine nuts, herbs, and a light wine sauce, is tender and delicious. It comes with tasty carrots and squash cooked in a tomato sauce, and rice or potatoes.

You don’t see rabbit on the menu every day in LA, and coelho estufado impresses. It’s braised rabbit in light fresh herbs and a red wine sauce. A serving has half a rabbit, its meat falling off the bones and delectable.

Lamb dishes, especially the slow-roasted spring lamb, are excellent.

Assorted cold appetizers are $13, calamari $19, and rabbit $20.

Alexis Greek Restaurant [San Fernando Valley – West]
9034 Tampa Avenue, Northridge

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