“Sifting through the detritus of Easter, I recently stumbled upon an almost empty box of gourmet Jelly Belly jellybeans,” says guttergourmet. “Like Horton discovering Whoville, I found a world of flavor in a single tiny ignored jellybean—the chili mango.”

Chili Mango Jelly Belly jellybeans are made with mango juice, cayenne pepper, and paprika; “the tiny pale orange orb is laced with barely visible red threads of pepper,” says guttergourmet. “A single bean takes you on a veritable LSD trip as you place it on your tongue. Indian, Thai, and Latin-American flavors swirl in your head as the sweet juice battles the peppery heat while your brain attempts to make sense out of it all. Whew. I can hardly wait to receive my 1-pound mail order from Jelly Belly.”

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