Hengyang Chilli King is no more. In its place, there’s Gui Lin Cuisine. It’s exceptional, reports RedKris. “My wife is from Xuchang, Henan, not Guilin, but when we lived together in Henan and then Shanghai, rice noodle soups were always our favorite. Every time we traveled we always looked for little shops serving rice noodles—all over Henan, the greater Shanghai area, Guangzhou, Yunnan.”

Upon ordering a bowl of suan ma la da chang me fen (a.k.a. special hot soup with pig intestines subbed for beef), “my wife announced it was the best rice noodle soup she had ever had. And I have to agree,” says RedKris. They’ve been back six times in three weeks, and never been disappointed. Also excellent: shui zhu niu rou (water-cooked beef).

“All in all, the corner of Garvey and Garfield is now our favorite spot in California,” says RedKris.

Gui Lin Cuisine (a.k.a. Qixing Guilen Mifen) [San Gabriel Valley]
138 E. Garvey Avenue, #C, Monterey Park

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