“I was visiting with some friends from the West Coast and we had a big clam bake. Lobsters, clams, linguiça, corn. You know, all the fixings,” says Lenox637. “One of my friend’s daughters went into the kitchen and returned with a jar of peanut butter. I watched, horrified, I must say, as she spread the peanut butter over the corn on the cob.” Lenox637 was told that peanut butter is a common corn topping on the West Coast, although few Chowhounds have heard of the phenomenon. ipsedixit‘s college roommate used to make sandwiches of drained canned corn and peanut butter on Texas toast. “Tried it once and it wasn’t all that bad,” says ipsedixit. “Sweet, savory, and crunchy. Sort of like a PB&J sandwich except you get that extra mouthfeel crunch and texture from the corn niblets instead of just the jiggly sliminess of the jelly or jam.”

Peanut butter is a completely legitimate popcorn topping, says anonymouse1935. Warm the peanut butter first, says goodhealthgourmet, or “turn it into sort of a PB caramel sauce. Warm some honey or simple syrup (or for a delicious twist, maple syrup) and a dash of vanilla in a saucepan, remove from the heat, and stir in peanut butter without added sugar,” suggests goodhealthgourmet. “Drizzle over freshly popped corn and toss to coat.”

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