Those nostalgic for 2007 need only check out the brief Epicurious rundown of the year’s worst food trends to put things in perspective. Notable highlights include vanity vodkas (“The minute Donald Trump got his own vodka, the clear spirit had jumped the shark”), supercaloric “macho” fast food such as the Hardee’s Country Breakfast Burrito, and restaurants “in preview.”

As per usual with these things, the comments are as entertaining as the story itself. A poster calling himself mitty6 wrote: “I’m not a fan of the ‘many small plates’ meals. If I’m having dinner, I want a good portion of something delicious, not an annoying little sample.”

And poster godsam retorted that if mitty6 wanted a “full plate of simple food” he should “go to a chain.” After just three bites, godsam wrote, the palate is weary of any one flavor so “smaller portions=lower cost=bigger flavour.” By the way, he adds, “MOST OF THESE COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE SOUOND [sic] LIKE SOCCER MOMS.”

A little extreme, but godsam’s got a point.

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