I’ve been on the hunt for a candelabra. It’s more dramatic than a pair of individual candle holders, and more elegant than tea lights. Since it’s something that very well could stay on your dining room table all the time, it’s almost like choosing a piece of sculpture for your house. Here are some of the most appealing ones I’ve found.

This gothic-looking candelabra is made of modern materials. Designed by Muuto and Louise Campbell, its seven steel arms can be reconfigured in different ways. The cups that hold the candles are matte rubber. It’s from the great Venice, California-based housewares store, A+R Store.
The More The Merrier Rubber Candelabra, $165

Black laser-cut metal loops make a dramatic, decorative candelabra reminiscent of mod design. It was created by Roderick Vos for Moooi.
Bold candelabras, $363

Constantin Wortmann for Umbra designed this shiny aluminum candelabra to resemble cell structure. I think it looks a bit like sea coral. It’s reversible: the bottom has three candle holders, the top has four.
Vela candle holder, $50

The ever-affordable CB2 created this cute cheapie to resemble chemical lab beakers. It holds tea lights rather than candles, and looks nice as mood lighting in other parts of the room, not just the table.
Union candleholder, $9.95

Pricey, yes. But perhaps just the piece you’re looking for, to complete your austere, throw-back, Danish modern pad.
Designfenzider Candelabra No. 4, $690

This one is made of bent metal tubes, and really feels sculptural. If I could afford it, I think this is the one I’d get, because I’ll bet I’d get sick of it slower than the other ones. Wilhelmina Collection Walk of Flames Candelabra, $632.40

If you’re the kind of person who can have patchwork quilts on your bed without feeling schmaltzy, then this Scandinavian folk art vibe candelabra might be just right for you. I can admire it, but it’s a little femme for me.
Bengt & Lotta 21.5″ Wild Horse Candelabra, $350.00

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