What would you rather do on New Year’s Eve? Drink swanky cocktails in a cool Las Vegas lounge? Or eat as much sausage as you can in a small Ohio town?

For those who choose the sausage, get to Elmore, Ohio, by 9 p.m. tonight, where the town will honor its oldest business, Tank’s Meats, with a meaty celebration.

Aside from a sausage ’n’ sauerkraut buffet, the festivities will include live music, a sausage-eating contest, and a sausage toss. According to the town’s mayor and the Zanesville Times Recorder, “[I]t’s the grey sausage they use. It’s a take off on the old water balloon toss and egg toss. It’s in the dark with only one light. We have all ages participate in the sausage toss. It’s quite entertaining to watch them try to toss a sausage in the dark.”

Yeaaaaah. The grey sausage. An additional perk: At midnight, instead of an apple, the town will drop a “giant, brightly lit sausage.”

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