If you’re a furry with a citrus fetish, the French Orangina commercial that’s been making the rounds may send you ecstatically over the moon. For the rest of us, responses are more likely to range from amusement to confusion to “That is most definitely not safe for work.” In the salacious spot, various forest creatures frolic erotically, dirty dancing in outfits ranging from a loincloth to Vegas showgirl feathers, and mounting giant bottles of Orangina that then burst open and drench a lamb dressed in a bikini. There is also an Orangina-lactating squid. The whole thing is very, uh, French.

One of the ad’s creators, Todd Mueller, says the intention was to “make it as naughty as possible.” But, he points out, these are “fantastic creatures. You’re not exactly watching real people do it. We were treading very carefully on that edge of acceptability.”

“[I]f weirdness were greatness, this Orangina commercial would be the Sistine Chapel,” says trend-alerter Very Short List. It’s holy something.

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