Hounds on the hunt for spring-only ingredients are trading tips on where to find favorites. lgss has seen fiddlehead ferns at Whole Foods Fresh Pond (Cambridge), while BarmyFotheringayPhipps got his from Russo’s: “Tomorrow evening, they’ll be alongside a couple chicken-fried steaks and some mashed potatoes.”

Fava beans are proving easier to track down, making an appearance at Whole Foods Fresh Pond, Arax, and, most intriguingly, Haymarket: “I got mine at a stall near the seafood area. They let me choose my own, and they were all nice and green looking, with few brown spots,” says nsenada.

Whole Foods Fresh Pond [Cambridge]
200 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge

Russo’s [MetroWest]
560 Pleasant Street, Watertown

Arax [MetroWest]
585 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

Haymarket [Chinatown]
Blackstone Street, Boston
No phone available

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Looking for Fresh Fava Beans

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