orythedog had a “near-perfect shrimp po’ boy stuffed with fried shrimp for a mere $12.95” at New Orleans Cajun Cafe. “First, let’s talk about the bread. [The owner] purchases her bread fresh daily from a Manhattan Beach bakery. This is about the closest I have had in L.A. to real New Orleans French baguettes. From there they are properly warmed in the oven and dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, a little green onion, and some Cajun spice. Then they load on the fried shrimp. I counted 13 shrimp on my sandwich. A couple squirts of Crystal Hot Sauce, squeeze that puppy together tight and BLISS!!!!!” There’s also catfish, oysters, and hot-link dogs, and all the seafood is from New Orleans.

Also on the menu: excellent-looking gigantic bowls of seafood gumbo, huge blackened fish fillets, and crawfish. “Everything is cooked, chopped and served to order and it is the real deal,” says orythedog.

New Orleans Cajun Cafe [Westside – Beaches]
140 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach

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