The Swiss Chef Restaurant at San Remo is worth checking out. It’s not a hot date sort of place, says radman123, but it’s got enough quality Swiss action to keep radman123 comin’ back.

The best thing here: The giant Bavarian pretzel, a “HUGE warm salty pretzel. better than any pretzel I have had in New York City or any ballpark,” says radman123. Be sure you get the various mustards to go with the pretzel.

There’s other nice stuff too, including gnocchi Piemontese—a generous portion of plump gnocchi in brown butter, and some really satisfying wienerschnitzel. “I have had wienerschnitzel in two places—Germany and here in North Sherman Oaks—the winning schnitzel would be the one I had tonight here in the Valley,” says radman123.

The Swiss Chef Restaurant at San Remo [Valley – West]
13729 Victory Boulevard, Van Nuys

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