Fewer women drink beer than men, particularly in the U.K. Which is why Molsen/Coors is launching a new “beer” for females. It will be clear, and may be flavored with dragonfruit and green tea. In any case, it will prominently make issue of its low calorie count. Because, apparently research has shown that women don’t like beer because they think it is fattening.

Sure, beer is caloric, but women eat lots of caloric foods. Why just the other day, I saw a woman eating a brownie. So why don’t women drink beer as much as men do, when it is delicious, less expensive than wine, and doesn’t stain your couch?

I have a theory: dude-centric beer names and labels. In some cases, the labels feel like a Goth dude designed them, but still a dude is my point.

Take for instance this label: the Double Dragonfly Imperial IPA. Do chicks want to drink out of a bottle depicting a naked dragonfly girl getting done from behind? I ask you.

Well how about Big Mamie Battleship Ale, whose press release reads: “As you might expect for a beer with a battleship as its inspiration, it’s bigger than our normal ales. We’re brewing this big babe next week.” Sign me up!

But wait, how about Stone brewing company’s big, beefy demon (top of the post)? I’ll bet he calls out to the ladies from the shelves of better beer stores. That is, if they’re not already coveting a sixer of Troutslayer from Big Sky Brewing Company.

I’m not saying wrap your beer in a pink label. Maybe just a little less storm trooper and more emo. You might sell more beer, ya know?

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