Belgian endive has a pleasantly bitter flavor and leaves with a nifty shape that creates an edible spoon to hold a single bite of something complementary, like seafood salad or Parmesan Walnut Salad. Endive is a wonderful salad ingredient in its own right. Try it with apples, walnuts, and blue cheese, or with beets and a simple oil-and-vinegar dressing. linguafood makes a salad of Belgian endive and mandarin orange segments, with a dressing of walnut oil, lemon juice, sour cream, fresh dill or parsley, and salt and pepper. foxy fairy brushes it with olive oil and grills it. For a mellower endive dish perfect for the season, brown it gently in butter, then braise in lots of lemon juice and black pepper for 25 minutes or so, until very soft and somewhat caramelized.

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