“Oftentimes I’ll get an incredible urge for Vietnamese food and drive like a crazed lunatic to Golden Deli only to learn that about 100 other people have had the same urge as me, but got to the restaurant about 10 seconds before I did,” says ipsedixit.

Some folks opt instead for Vietnam House, owned by the same people and just across the street, which offers better parking, has a beer and wine license, and takes credit cards.

But the newish Vietnam Restaurant, just down the street, has the goods to compare with the big boys. Never mind that it’s in a space “best described as a shack masquerading as an eye-sore of a building,” whose previous, short-lived tenants have included a Chinese fast-food joint and a Thai takeout place.

The owners, a couple, were previously part owners of Vietnam House, which is related to Golden Deli, but they left because of a family squabble, says SoCal Foodie, who adds that the wife originated most of Vietnam House’s recipes anyway, and says the new restaurant has the best-tasting pho and egg rolls in SoCal.

ipsedixit finds the food at Vietnam Restaurant better than at House (and also prefers Golden Deli to House). The menu is limited, but the bún bò kho is some of the best in the SGV, with tender meat and rich, savory broth. In fact, all the beef dishes are great, including the com bò kho.

Golden Deli [San Gabriel Valley]
815 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel

Vietnam House [San Gabriel Valley]
710 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel

Vietnam Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
340 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel

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