“I haven’t been this excited about a croissant in a long time,” says soniabegonia. It’s better than all the other major L.A. contenders. “Amazing crunch to the exterior, tender and buttery sweet ribbons on the interior, perfectly seasoned and perfectly sized.”

Yep, Bite Bar & Bakery, a new café and bakery, is driving many a Chowhound mad with desire.

Pain au chocolat is light, flaky, and utterly memorable, says mnosyne. “The taste and texture of the pain au chocolat was amazing—crispy almost shard-like in texture on the outside, flaky, soft, and buttery inside, enveloping a nice strand of quality dark chocolate in the middle,” says bulavinaka.

Bite Bar is also a restaurant, and breakfast there is excellent, says bulavinaka. The fruits are unusually good in the fruit salad and blueberry muffins, and there’s a croissant sandwich with homemade nutella and strawberries. There’s even a nice, light, eggy soufflé, with slices of sweet cherry tomatoes in a cup of flaky croissant pastry.

For lunch, you can have such excellent items as Death by Pig, a pork belly and cracklings sandwich. Go ahead and court a heart attack by ordering with the twice-fried Belgian fries, reminiscent of the long-departed and much-missed Benita’s Frites. “Perfectly seasoned and impossibly crisp and light at the same time,” says soniabegonia.

Best for last: The crab sandwich is superb. It’s simple, with a gentle paprika aioli to bind things together. It’s so refreshing, says Dommy, for a place to actually let the quality of the ingredients stand on its own.

Bite Bar & Bakery [Westside – Beaches]
3221 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica

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