When you think submarine sandwiches, you probably don’t think ceviche. No. 7 Sub Shop invites you to think again. Its ceviche sub is unique and quite good, ChiefHDB reports: lemony marinated fish, cucumber, avocado, red onion, and microgreens, with crunchy, corn-y counterpoint from fried hominy. Besides the inviting play of flavors and textures, the Chief loves the crusty house-baked bread that holds it all together.

noob singles out a sub with very good roast beef, smoked Gouda, and almost winelike pickled blueberries. In this sandwich, too, the submarine crew (from Brooklyn’s No. 7) is thinking globally; there’s a touch of doenjang, the Korean bean paste commonly used in K-town a couple blocks to the north. Other choices include a broccoli sandwich with fresh mozzarella, Thai basil pesto, and fried lemon; braised lamb sandwich with peanut butter, mint jelly, and pappadam; and “General Tso’s Tofu,” with broccoli mayo, carrot, and roasted onion.

Some find these sandwiches skimpy for the $9 price, but noob thinks the high-quality ingredients and inventive combinations are worth the bucks. “They’re small, definitely not a bargain, but they’re not outrageous,” he says. “They’re about the size of sandwiches from ‘Wichcraft or Lamazou, which are similarly priced.”

No. 7 Sub Shop [Midtown]
In the Ace Hotel, 1188 Broadway (at W. 29th Street), Manhattan

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