Muffalettas at Murphy’s Deli compare pretty nicely to the genuine article–the ones from Central Grocery in New Orleans, reports KathySK. The bread is replete with toasted sesame seeds; meat and cheese fillings are generous and tasty. If you ask, you can get your fillings toasted for a hot muffaletta. Coarse chopped olive tapenade is a good mix of olives and roasted peppers. dkgoody, though, has a dissenting opinion: he thinks the sandwich tastes too much of olives, and only so-so olives at that.

The bread’s a little on the dry side, but if you leave the sandwich sitting around for a while, the tapenade will soak in and then everything’s groovy.

It’s $6 for a half muffaletta and $10 for a whole one. A half muffaletta is a very filling lunch for one.

Murphy’s Deli [SOMA]
560 Mission St., San Francisco

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