Making hummus at home is so easy—and much better than packaged, store-bought hummus, even if you make it with canned chickpeas—that it’s ridiculous to buy from the grocery store, says MikeG. Making hummus is dead easy, agrees John Manzo. “Buying store-bought hummus (unless its perfectly fresh from a middle-eastern resto or deli) makes as much sense as buying supermarket toast.”

But if you don’t want to go to all the work of peeling garlic, squeezing lemon, and cleaning up your food processor, what are the options? erns53 loves Sabra hummus; the lemon flavor is great on chicken sandwiches. Some Chowhounds agree (it’s one of the few commercial brands with any olive oil at all, though not enough so you can taste it, says MikeG). Others find it boring and lame. coney with everything thinks it looks great in the packaging, but “the taste is meh. Any grocery store in Metro Detroit has better hummus in the deli.” marmite finds it way too smooth—the approximate consistency of cake frosting.

coney with everything likes Garden Fresh hummus, from a company probably better known for salsa. And PamelaD likes Cedar’s hummus—the original only, not any of the flavored varieties.

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