Lately, there have been a lot of “hey, people who live far away are eating crazy foods” articles in the media.

But while these kinds of pieces usually explore the eating of bugs, durian, or extremely smelly cheeses, what about foodstuffs that are really taboo?

A criminal case making its way through the New York City courts explores issues surrounding the consumption of bushmeat, specifically the flesh of monkeys. In 2006, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents investigated an NYC woman originally born in Liberia, who was suspected of illegally importing bushmeat. “[A]fter she consented to a search,” the article notes, “the agents came across a tiny, hairy arm hidden in her garage.”

While conservationists and animal-lovers abhor the practice, African nationals who consume bushmeat say they do it for religious reasons and to commemorate certain life events.

The rest of us wonder if primates are just too close to humans to make for comfortable snacking.

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