SecretAsianMan thinks he’s found a candidate for “chili dog nirvana” at Union Bagel, which uses Nathan’s Famous dogs, for you sticklers.

The experience took SecretAsianMan off guard: “the dog itself extends past the bun, the raw red onions are finely chopped and the chili smells like, REAL chili! My heart starts to race. I don’t have the courage to pick the thing up, so I use the fork.”

It sure looks good. How’s it taste? Damn good, says SecretAsianMan. “The meaty, even slightly gamy, taste of the Nathan’s Famous is a memory blast from my childhood when real butchers, who made their own frankfurters, would give me a free sample.” The chili is also flavorful and substantial, “chunks of ground meat in a savory cumin-tomato bath.”

Union Bagel [Downtown]
512 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles

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