With American Turkey Day fast approaching, I was amused to notice the following question posted in Yahoo! Answers:

“Why can’t farmers of America come up with a white-meat only turkey? No one wants the dark-meat anyway…”

The question is absurd, of course, but the answers posted in response are funny:

“Dark meat is way better than white meat. It has so much more flavor!”

“[J]ust buy a turkey roll, it’s all white meat…nothing to carve, just slice and serve…”

“[B]ecause if they did, I would eat the whole bird.”

“They could, but if they did we would have all of the Environmentalist saying were messing with nature, and then there would be protests…. and then there would be a proposal in the next election to ban the genetic mutation of turkeys for white meat birds.”

“Because turkeys—uncooperative wretches that they are—insist on WALKING. (How dare they!)”

Whether you eat light meat or dark meat—or no meat at all (Tofurky, anyone?)—here’s to a delicious holiday.

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