Your corner butcher shop may not be as much of a boys’ club as it has been, at least not if your butcher shop is Avedano’s Holly Park Market in San Francisco. The neighborhood spot opened recently with three women running the show. It’s girl power at the meat counter—and you gotta love the pink website.

The article “3 Female Butchers Say Meat Is the New Black” in the San Francisco Chronicle profiles the women—all friends—and their new business, open since late summer. “People always want to know who the butcher is who cuts their meat,” says [co-owner Angela] Wilson, who further claims, “When we tell them it’s Tia [Harrison], they say, ‘Wow, can she really lift the cows onto the hook?’”

Yes, she can (and she makes a mean cookie as well).

The women took over a butcher shop that had been in existence since 1901 and, while keeping their day jobs, began offering grass-fed beef, oxtails, and wild salmon. “They even serve an array of take-out dinners prepared daily–from soups and paninis to cured meats and tacos on Sundays, all made with local, organic ingredients–because they like to cook as well as cut,” the article reports.

“I never thought I’d run a butcher shop,” says co-owner Melanie Eisemann, “but it’s been so gratifying to create new food memories in this neighborhood, for local families and for ourselves.” They’re not the only ones happy about it. The Yelp reviews of the store are a love-fest (“Help me I’m addicted … This place rocks … you can’t go wrong here … Yee haw!!”).

Apparently girls and meat go together just fine.

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