Sometimes creative marketing produces art, and sometimes it creates ridiculosity. I’m not sure which side of the line this one falls on: European food company Podravka has produced an annual report that must be baked in an oven before it can be read. As seen on Dezeen, the report comes as a little book full of blank pages printed with thermo-reactive ink. Wrap the book in foil, cook it at 100 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes, and images and recipes emerge (the boring annual report numbers are included in a larger book that does not have to be baked).

As one of the commenters on Dezeen notes, this gives a whole new meaning to “cooking the books.” The technique could be used to create some tacky stuff, like those heat-sensitive coffee cups you see in tchotchke shops, but in this case the art appears to be quite lovely. It’s certainly not the most energy-efficient way to get your brand out there, but it’s kinda neat.

The little book’s title, by the way, is Well Done. I foresee cookbooks that have to be baked coming down the pipeline soon.

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