You can cook all kinds of things in a waffle iron, including Parmesan-coated eggplant and muffins and brownies. Now, hounds have come up with even more ideas.

4Snisl successfully cooked homemade falafel in a waffle iron. “Are they the same as deep-fried falafels….nope,” he says. “Are they closer to that texture than when I bake them? Absolutely!”

“In hot weather I do bacon in the wafflemaker, which is thereby greased,” says greygarious. “Then I do scrambled egg, then put the egg and bacon, plus a slice of cheese, between two slices of bread and waffle THAT.”

After a stay in a mountain cabin where it was the only reliable appliance, Emme says “I consider the waffle iron to be the under-appreciated, under-used appliance.” She “basically cooked everything under the sun using that nifty little thing! Pounded stuffed chicken breast, eggplant Parmesan, falafel, cornbread, bacon, hamburger, meatloaf patties, salmon croquettes, grilled cheese…oh the feasts.”

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