On the outside, Tabla Flavors looks like a Taco Bell. Here is the first secret: It’s not a Taco Bell. It’s an Indian restaurant.

On the inside, Tabla Flavors looks like your usual South Indian restaurant, with all the staples—dosai and whatnot. Here’s the second secret: The cooks are all from Andhra Pradesh. So when Melanie Wong started asking if some of the menu specialties were actually Andhra dishes, the cashier—who was utterly surprised, and very pleased by all this questioning—pointed out all the best Andhra dishes hidden in the menu.

Cut mirchi is a spectacular appetizer. These are fresh green jalapeños fried in flaky chickpea batter and sprinkled with spiced salt, freshly cut sweet onion, and cilantro. These are perfectly, wildly addictive—especially dunked in coconut chutney.

The lamb curry on the specials board that day was actually Andhra pepper-fry, semiwet style, with lots of gravy. And it will be hot, if you ask for it hot. Spring dosa is beautiful, covered in a fine sheen of oil yet not greasy. It’s as thin and crispy as a dosa gets. And it’s filled with fresh green beans, scallions, carrots, and cauliflower, all lightly spiced, making it an unusually delicate dosa.

Tabla Flavors [East Bay]
6830 Village Parkway, Dublin

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