Everybody goes completely, dancingly, clappingly wild for It’s All Good Bakery. Its most famed dish—sweet potato pie—makes legions of Chowhounds swoon. But don’t forget to try the other stuff, because, just like the name says, it’s actually all good. And it’s all buttery. This place is sort of a black-hole implosion of butterfat.

Pecan pie classic delights rworange with the perfection of its pecan energy. There are small, whole toasted pecans; a nice filling; a buttery, crisp crust. “It reminds me how good pecan pie can be.” Also: not toothachingly sweet. The peanut butter cookie is glorious—large, moist, and crumbly. “These $1.35 cookies are scads better than cookies two to three times the price (I’m talking to you Teacakes).”

Yellow cake is excellent: extremely light and moist. And rworange’s favorite cake? The coconut. And we mean, it’s her favorite cake in the whole Bay Area. With a pineapple filling, too.

It’s All Good Bakery [East Bay]
5622 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland

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