It’s tough to get a real Cajun-style crawfish boil in the Boston area, but Nolapants has found a humdinger: “I’ve spent a lot of time in New Orleans, and the boiled crawfish at Brother’s Crawfish were some of the best I’ve had outside of Louisiana, and easily the best I’ve had in Boston (although I realize that might not be saying much).”

The owner gets daily deliveries of live crawfish from Louisiana; Nolapants says they have “relatively soft shells and tasty tail meat.” They come with three different sauces: Asian Fusion (the hottest variety), Cajun Calm (typical Cajun spices), and the Oriental Express (garlic, onion, butter, and scallions).

“The boil had a lot of flavor and good spice with a subtle—and somewhat unexpected—sweetness. The heat was definitely there, but not overwhelming. The owner told us that if they weren’t hot enough he’d be happy to add some more heat the next time we’re there.”

The crawfish are $10 a pound, and the boil includes corn, andouille, and red potatoes. The place seats about 20, and it’s clean but rather plain. That doesn’t seem to bother the crowds already filling the seats, though.

Brother’s Crawfish [Dorchester]
272 Adams Street, Dorchester

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