“It is difficult to dislike a dumpling stuffed with something,” comments rworange, who’s had a lot of mediocre pelmeni, Siberian dumplings. But the pelmeni at Katia’s Russian Tea Room are exceptional: plump dumplings bursting with beefy goodness in a rich, flavorful broth and a dollop of sour cream. Katia’s also boasts delicate blini with excellent smoked salmon, herring, and salmon roe; tender lamb shashlik with big slices of marinated lamb served with rice; and top-notch meringue pavlova, the light meringue filled with whipped cream and topped with house-made berry sauce. And now is the time to check out the Easter specialties of kulich, a Russian Easter bread studded with raisins and pineapple, and pascha, a sweetened, vanilla’d creamy cheese. These two great tastes really do taste great together. Katia’s Russian Tea Room [Inner Richmond]
600 Fifth Avenue, San Francisco
415-668-9292 Discuss: SF: Katia’s Russian Tea Room – the best pel’meni I’ve ever had

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