There’s a tamale truck in the parking lot of the Dutton Avenue Lola’s Market. It has good tamales—dense but moist. Better still, there is a massive jar of coleslaw with cueritos—pickled pork skin—in it. For $2, you can get a big serving of cueritos coleslaw with cheese sprinkled on top. It’s a good combination—crispy slaw, chewy pork skin, and cheese. How awesome is that? Be the first on your block to have pickled pork skin slaw! Be the first on your block to be able to say “pickled pork skin slaw” five times fast!

No one tells you there’s cueritos in the coleslaw. Imagine what it’s like, says rworange, to be sitting in a dark car, chowing on what you think is perfectly ordinary coleslaw, and then you hit a chewy batch of skin that’s like a gummy worm, but porky. It’d freak you out. Luckily, she’s done the research for you—you can be forewarned, and forearmed. Be ready for the pork skin.

Tamale truck in the Lola’s parking lot [Sonoma County]
440 Dutton Avenue #17, Santa Rosa

Board Link: Santa Rosa–Tamale Truck at Lola’s with cueritos cole slaw

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