For those following the final negotiations over the Farm Bill—see this Grinder update—here’s a tip: Point your Interwebs to the Center for Rural Affairs blog, where Dan Owens is doing chart-by-chart coverage of the debate on the Senate floor. And that isn’t a figurative description; here’s Owens on Senator Kent Conrad: “Conrad finally finished, and I lost count of how many charts he used. Conrad is kind of famous for his charts.”

Owens knows the Farm Bill as well as anyone in the field, and he’s a good guide with a light touch. After describing a speech by Senator Harry Reid, he added, “Reid also positively endorsed provisions supporting specialty crops in the Senate farm bill. He likes fruits and veggies.” If you’re at all interested, don’t chew on your cud: This is highly informed, real-time blogging, and it won’t last all week.

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