There’s the olive oil ordinaire that you cook with—and then there’s the really expensive, delicately flavored bottle of D.O.P. olive oil that you drizzle over the finished dish. MGZ thinks that it should be the same with butter. He treats his favorite butter, Organic Valley Pasture Butter, “like the Arbequina olive oil—special lipids for special finishes!”

If you’ve only had supermarket butter, fresh butter from a local farmers’ market may completely blow your mind. “I love the pastured butter I get from the farmer’s markets,” says JeremyEG. “It’s got a slight tang to it that really makes sauces complex and delicious.” “The butter I get from the farmer’s market just absolutely sings,” agrees Vetter. “They must love on those cows, because the stuff is just magic.” For the ultimate butter experience, though, get fresh cream from your farmers’ market and “just churn it and make your own butter for the best sweet cream butter,” advises Pookipichu.

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